SALME presents "Ozashiki Revue" - A unique revue-style modern performance, based on Geisha entertainment infused with the feeling of urban Tokyo.

These Japanese beauties, dressed in modernized Kimonos and Go-Go Boots, have been enthralling audiences with their extraordinary song and dance show. Inspired by the traditional Geisha performance which usually takes place on flat tatami (rice straw-made mats which are used for Japanese traditional flooring), there is no boundaries between the stage and seats. The audience and performers interact throughout the production. Shown with the "hospitality of the traditional Geisha," SALME's show can convert any theater, art gallery, wedding reception, or private house into a raucous party.

The growing success of SALME has become apparent in their performances all over the world. With the concept, "Charming Geishas from Mannerland" the group extended their fame outside the borders of Japan. Having performed in front of over 10,000 people during the past five years, SALME finally had their New York premiere in 2010 (fulfilling the dreams of each member). Opening at Arlene's Grocery, where many famous artists including R.E.M, The Violent Femmes, and The Strokes have appeared, the group took New York by storm. Upon experiencing the show, the NY-based company Notions United proclaimed that SALME is: "Fresh and new but still reminiscent of old Japanese culture. An energetic and interactive experience you cannot find at Broadway shows!"

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